Announcement for DE 15th Webserver Anniversary Tournament (DE15A)

The ICCF Congress in 2020 decided that following the incredible popularity of DE5A and DE10A, DE15A would be held to celebrate 15 years since the start of the Direct Entry Programme. Working in collaboration with ICCF, the Non-Title Tournament Commissioner, IM Jörg Kracht, IA (GER), will organise the DE15A.

The first stage of DE15A will start on 5th April 2021, the 15th anniversary of the Direct Entry Programme.

The event will be organised in three stages, which will allow several players from each group stage to advance to the semifinals and final.

The number of promotions will depend on the total entries received. Still, preliminary groups will likely comprise of either 9 players (8 games) or 11 players (10 games), or 13 players (12 games), depending upon the number of entries received.

All games will be played by webserver with triple block system:

·       Preliminaries and semifinal for a 550-day event, with 75 days initial bank and 3 days increment for the first 50 moves.

·       Final for a 700-day event, with 50 days initial bank and 5 days increment for the first 50 moves, and conditional moves will be permitted. All games will be rated with title norms possible.


DE15A is open to all players who are eligible to enter tournaments via the Direct Entry Programme.


Players enter via the ICCF Direct Entry system ONLY (Click on ‘New events’ then ‘Jubilee Tournaments’). No entries may be made through national federations. The entry fee by Direct Entry will be €14.04.

Although the number of preliminary groups which each player may enter is unlimited, no player will qualify for more than two semifinal groups or more than one place in the final.

The closing date for all entries is 5th March 2021. Pairings will be issued as soon as possible after that date.

Prize fund

First place       500 Euros

Second            300 Euros

Third place     150 Euros

In the event of players scoring equal points in any place for the prize, this prize will be shared.  

The winner of each Semifinal group will receive a prize of 50 Euros. In the case of players scoring equal points in the first place, this prize will be shared.


The winner of each Preliminaries group will receive a voucher for 10 Euros.

All chess players are heartily invited to enter this tournament, both for the enjoyment of games and friendly contact/communication with players around the World.